12 + Dirty Fruits and Vegetables you NEED to know about.


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So you’ve decided to buy organic?  Or maybe you’re wondering what all the hype is about?   Let me tell you what I’ve learned over the past year.  Not all fruits and vegetables are treated equally or with respect!  In fact, some are treated with more pesticides than I’ll ever want to know about. Not all produce needs to be purchased organic mind you, but the ones you want to purchase are the ones  that I’ve listed below.  The 12+ fruits and vegetables listed are the ones you should be most concerned about. They have the highest pesticide residue and in my humble opinion, you certainly don’t want to eat that…ever!  The Environmental Working Group makes its list every year of naughty fruits and vegetables.  So you may want to check in with them on their website from time to time just to stayed informed.  So, here they are…

1. Apples–  these poor dears are hit with about 40 different pesticides.  That also means pesticides can show up in applesauce and apple juice. I’m thinking about the young children who consume that very same applesauce and apple juice.  Now that’s some food for thought!

2. Bell Peppers (Red and Green) Peppers are sprayed with 50 different kinds of pesticides.  They are sprayed frequently as they grow.  Gross!  Oh, and guess what?  Hot peppers just got added to the naughty list this year! Doubly gross!

3. Carrots–  Carrots grow in the ground and because of that, 40 different pesticides have been found on carrots.  So, Bugs Bunny, what’s up with that?

4. Celery- Celery, grows in stalks.  It absorbs nutrients from the ground it grows in and unfortunately absorbs toxins as well.  60 different pesticides have been found on celery.

5. Grapes– The USDA mandates that all imported grapes from Chili be fumigated with methyl bromide when they arrive in US ports.  30 pesticides have been found on grapes.  Pesticide residue has also been found in raisins.  Yikes! Say it isn’t so with red wine…please?  I love my pressed grapes!  I’m going to HAVE to investigate that one!

6. Kale– Kale is one of my favorites but it has also been found to have 10 types of pesticides.  It is on the naughty list!

7. Lettuce-Lettuce has been known to have the most potent pesticides on them.  Goodness me!  I’m thinking you may also want to consider buying your spinach organic, and any other leafy greens as well.

8. Nectarines–  Like their relative the peach, they are sprayed with not only pesticides but also things like petroleum-based horticulture oils.  The imported ones are the worst as compared to the domestic.  33 pesticides have been detected on them!

9. Peaches– Peaches have the worst pesticide rating.  Poor things get a bath of pesticides and fungicides every week  until they’re picked.  They’ve also found pesticide residue in canned peaches too.

10. Potatoes-These ground dwellers have been found to have 35 types of pesticides.  For a safer alternative, why not use sweet potatoes?

11. Strawberries– Over 65 different pesticides are used on these beauties.  Since they grow so close to the ground, farmers spray fungicides on them as well.  I’m thinking about what’s in the frozen bag of strawberries?

12.  Zucchini-New to the naughty list, this beautiful vegetable has loads of pesticide residue!  Think about the yellow squash too when purchasing organics!

Ok, so I hope you are not too freaked out!  The good news is that most grocery stores have safe, organic options for just about every fruit and vegetable.  It is a bit pricier, but you are so worth it!  Another option is our beautiful, local, organic farm on Aquidneck Island called Simmons Organic Farm, so take advantage of that.  Also,  stay tuned for an upcoming post about fruits and vegetables that are safe to eat without buying organic.





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