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Dining Vegan in Newport, RI

Many people have asked me where I find vegan dishes when I dine in Newport.  Newport has so many great restaurants, unfortunately, there are no vegan restaurants in Newport at this time!  But the good news is that so many restaurants have at least one vegan dish on their menu I can enjoy. Here are a few of my favorites!  read more …


Everyday Gratitude

  A few years ago,  during my Christmas vacation, I was home on the couch watching the morning daytime news program.   I watched as a man named John Kralik was being interviewed for a book he had just published, A Simple Act of Gratitude .  His life, as he explained it, was going terribly wrong.  His business was not doing very well and his personal read more …


12 + Dirty Fruits and Vegetables you NEED to know about.

, So you’ve decided to buy organic?  Or maybe you’re wondering what all the hype is about?   Let me tell you what I’ve learned over the past year.  Not all fruits and vegetables are treated equally or with respect!  In fact, some are treated with more pesticides than I’ll ever want to know about. Not all produce needs read more …


Ruth Lynn

Hello! I'm Ruth Lynn. Welcome to Little Rhody Vegan.

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