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A few years ago,  during my Christmas vacation, I was home on the couch watching the morning daytime news program.   I watched as a man named John Kralik was being interviewed for a book he had just published, A Simple Act of Gratitude .  His life, as he explained it, was going terribly wrong.  His business was not doing very well and his personal relationships were suffering.  He goes on to say how he wrote a thank you note to someone everyday for a year.   It changed his life in so may ways and he continues to this day to write a personal thank you note to someone everyday. Here’s what he said:

In December 2007, I had reached what I viewed as a nadir in my life.  While my life seemed full of debts and disasters, I ached for the things and the security I felt I deserved.  On January 1, 2008, as this dissatisfaction pervaded my thoughts, I took a walk in the mountains above Pasadena, where I was inspired to write one thank you note a day for the next year.  I needed to learn to be grateful for the things I had, rather than to focus on the things I wanted, or the many things I felt I had lost.

John used a handwritten note to express his gratitude.  He was mindful and purposeful in his writing.  Kralik has 3 suggestions for writing thank you notes.  They are:

1. Have a grateful heart

2. Recall Turning points in your life…look beyond immediate day-to-day circumstances for people to write a thank-you note to.

3. Use Pen and Paper and hand write your notes.

I think John’s story is inspriational…be grateful for what you have!  Be grateful everyday!

If you want to see the interview I saw a few years back, here it is: CBS news clip of John Kralik’s interview.http://youtu.be/ga0BNwBHwPQ

Thank You!
Thank You!



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