Lindsay’s Mango Black Bean Salad

Mango Black Bean Salad
Mango Black Bean Salad

My good work friend, Lindsay made this salad for one of our staff luncheons this year.  Everyone raved about it and she was so sweet to share it! I absolutely love it and make it all the time.  It is colorful, beautiful and can be made quickly.

This recipe makes a big bowl of salad!

Mango Black Bean Salad

1 can of black beans, rinsed and drained

1 can of corn, drained.  (I’ve also used frozen corn.)

1/4 red onion, chopped

1 mango, chopped

1 green pepper (red or yellow are fine)

2 tomatoes

1/4 cup fresh cilantro or 1 tsp dried

2 avocados

juice of 1 lime

salt  and pepper to taste


Rinse and drain the beans and the corn and place in a bowl.  Chop the mango, pepper, onion, tomatoes and cilantro and add to the bowl.  Chill in the refrigerator.  Right before serving, add the diced avocados, salt and pepper and the lime.  If you like heat in your salad, a little jalapeno pepper might be nice.

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