My 3 Words for 2014


Last Sunday, I immersed myself in other people’s blog posts, getting ideas on how they set up their blogs and what they wrote about.  I came across Chris Brogan’s web page . He is an expert blogger and businessman and has been doing this exercise for a number of years.  His idea essentially, is to choose 3 words and make them your central focus for the year. He says:

Every year, I go through an exercise where we take three words and use them as the central focus of your goals and efforts for the year to come. Instead of saying “I want to lose 30 pounds” and then forgetting about the goal a day later, I might have something like “green” that reminds me to eat more plant-based foods at every meal, or similar.

So, here it goes…

Balance…Life is a juggling act and I’m striving for balance.  This includes balance at work, with family, with my fitness goals, with my social life and with my new web blog.

Gratitude… I think of myself as a grateful person, but I want to find gratitude in all aspects of my life, not those that typically make me happy.   Simple things that may happen.  Kind words, the beauty of nature or something that I’ve accomplished.  The gratitude jar that was given to me by my friend Dena, will most definitely help me become aware of more of these small things that happen daily.

Patience…I’ll strive for patience with myself and with all my relationships.


What are your three words?  Share below if you care to.  They can be just the 3 words.  No need to explain unless you care to.  Remember, they should be 3 words that mean something to you.

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  • written by sue January 26, 2014 6:46 pm

    I like your word choices..I could have chosen them myself! I will go with. Health, happiness and mindfulness.

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